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Where does the Targeted Traffic come from?

We own and operate many well-known internet websites. Our current portfolio consist of over 8500 websites internet wide, including 3 established search engines, 2 internet service providers, movie sites, social networking sites, online gaming sites, and a well known domain registrar which currently hosts over 5000 ad supported websites.

Are your methods safe?

Yes, all the methods we use are completely safe. Our promotion works between real life users, and thus it cannot bring any harm to your or your business.

Would you be willing to do a custom plan?

Absolutely! We’d love to help you out with a custom plan. Just send our sales team an email and we’d be happy to assist you.

Do you have any restrictions on the content of my site?

Your site must be legal in the United States and must not generate any popup windows. We also DO ALLOW Adult websites unlike most of our competitors!

How can I contact you?

You can contact us easily, 24×7 any time of the year by sending an email to our support team using the Contact page.

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